We are Neon Ctrl. An independent record label for the new wave:

Caribbean Future Soul

Our mission: To bring you music and art that is fresh, inclusive, & unapologetic. From the funky, fabulous island of Puerto Rico we bring you Afro, Electronic, Ambient, & Eclectic influences & rhythms. We believe in supporting fully independent artists and elevating them to their full splendor.

Go ahead: Dance. Vibe. Loose ctrl.

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Elegant Minds
Bass Lab Six presents his latest production: A jam packed electro-dance album centered around bass improvisations recorded at different locations around Puerto Rico.
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ambient i
Composer & filmmaker Josean Martz makes his debut with his first ambient record, a collection of synth soundscapes produced entirely in Taipei, Taiwan.
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William Cruz Ruiz, aka BASS LAB SIX is a gigantic multi-genre bass player, producer, composer and innovator from the Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico. He experiments with the bass in a unique style that is marked by electronic music with synth wave, 8-bit retro video sounds, and Jazz-fusion. William uses the bass to connect with nature and to create energy that transcends bodies, minds, and souls. 

Puerto Rican audiovisual artist Josean Martz creates ambient performances using synths and bass guitars. Their soundscapes are inspired by uncertainty, expressing raw emotions and inviting the listener to imagine, dig deeper, and get lost in the abstract.